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What Others Say About Attorney Robert R. Kimmelbob_kimmel_pensacola_lawyer

“ … it takes the very best of lawyers to know what advice to give on the spot in serious and uncertain situations. I know of no higher professional compliment that one can give than to say that this is a lawyer whom I would wholeheartedly recommend to other lawyers to hire should the need arise,”
          – Bruce A. McDonald, Esquire of McDonald Fleming & Moorhead


“… a person of the highest integrity, straight forward and willing to take a stand … a man of strong character ….”
          – G. Thomas Delaino, President, Pensacola Junior College


“His work ethic is exceptional and he never shirks from doing the right thing for the right reasons … he has demonstrated the intellectual capacity, common sense and decisiveness to get thinks done under the most difficult circumstances.”
          – Timothy W. Wright, VADM, USN (ret.)

“… striking personal and professional integrity …”
          – J. Lewis Davidson, Ph.D.
“ … Bob is driven by a desire to do good. He consciously reflects … the values he holds …. Bob’s competence as a lawyer and his commitment to the highest ideals of the legal profession are obvious.”
          – Roger A. Nicholson, Ph.D.
“He is a gentleman. He is kind and fair and is a man of ethics. He is loyal, faithful and trustworthy. He is a patriot and a firm believer in the Constitution. As a student of life, he is a researcher, teacher, and lecturer. He is a person of honor. He listens ….”
          – Sandra Murr Starr
“ … I have referred family and friends to Bob Kimmel for many years. I have complete trust and confidence in his legal ability as well as in his integrity and character.”
          – R. Larry Morris, Esquire of Levin Papantonio
“ … he is extremely intelligent. He possesses both a keen intellect and a probing mind … he is a hard worker … he is a kind, compassionate and fair person.”
          – P. C. Wu, Ph.D.
“ … his outstanding reputation among the citizens of Pensacola and his peers demonstrates the success he has had ….”
          – Mike Wiggins, Former Mayor
“For years, I have respected Bob’s legal ability and have always felt very comfortable in referring him friends and acquaintances with needs in … Family Law …. I have done this with the confidence that Bob’s clients would always be treated with dignity, compassion, and the highest level of professionalism and competency.”
          – Michael A. Perkins, Esquire
“ … a very wise and knowledgeable attorney … an open-minded man possessing deliberate, fair and appropriate judgment.”
          – Donald P. Jehle, P.E.
“For 20 years I have referred my patients to Mr. Kimmel when they were in the need of an expert in family law. I do not ever recall one individual suggesting that Mr. Kimmel was anything but fair, honest, thorough, or well prepared.”
          – Donald W. Winslett, Ed.D.
“… enthused, thoughtful, honest, and conscientious in his law practice and consistent and loyal in his personal dealings.”
          – Edmund W. Holt, Esquire
“Over the years I have made numerous professional referrals to Bob with great confidence that he would provide the best possible representation … he is a man of integrity and high ideals.”
          – Wright Moulton, Esquire